Welcome to the home of all things Outspoken Beauty. Whether you want to listen to and find out more about The Outspoken Beauty Podcast, join the trialling panel and give your honest opinions on products or find great¬† recommendations it’s all here.

The Outspoken Beauty Podcast is one of the UK’s most popular beauty and wellbeing podcasts. With thousands of listeners each week (known as The Outspoken Beauties), it is a celebration of all that is exciting and empowering about beauty, a place to hear inspiring stories and perhaps most importantly, a podcast that uses beauty as a starting point for important conversations.

Host Nicola Bonn is an experienced radio broadcaster and beauty writer and prides herself on being honest, no holds barred and outspoken. No subject matters are off limits and whilst getting excited about all that the beauty industry has to offer Nicola also makes it her mission to call things out when they don’t feel right. Part of Nicola’s mission is for the beauty industry to become more diverse from the ground up and to represent people of all ages, ethnicities, body shapes and abilities. Nicola also wants to work towards getting the term anti-ageing replaced by healthy-ageing.¬†

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