Makeup Detox

Yesterday we got back from a wonderful week with my in-laws who live in the middle of nowhere. There is no mobile signal, just lots of fresh air and beautiful countryside. Absolute bliss.

Days were spent going for woodland walks, having proper conversations, cosying up watching films and eating and drinking lots.

When we arrived, all four of us were run down with colds and coughs and by the time we left we were restored and ready to embrace the New Year.

As well as a technology detox,  I had an almost total beauty detox while I was there. Some of it was unplanned, such as the fact that I forgot my razor (I’m not going to claim that I embraced this. I’m not the kind of woman who finds it easy to rock the hairy armpit look although it can be very sexy when done with confidence). Razor aside though, the only time that I wore makeup was on Boxing Day night. Other than that I went totally natural.

Did I enjoy my makeup detox? Honestly? No not really. I love wearing makeup. I love painting over my imperfections and widening my eyes with mascara and liquid liner. In all honesty, I spent the week looking pale and pasty. I had bags under my eyes and my “glow” was lost to a Christmas tree somewhere. The combination of being run down and having one too many Proseccos was wreaking havoc with my face and with nothing to hide behind, the “real” me was on show.

However, when I woke up this morning, things were looking decidedly better. It seemed that my week of fresh air, more sleep than usual and no makeup had finally worked its magic and my skin suddenly looked more alive than it has in ages. If the eyes are the window to your soul then your skin definitely gives you a good insight into the state of your health. No amount of expensive serum or acid toner can give you the glow that good health does.

I must admit that it was with big sigh of relief that I applied my mascara and blusher before work this morning. For good or for bad, I’m always going to feel that bit more confident when I wear makeup!




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