Shiny, Voluminous Hair

Since having my two critters my fairly nice looking hair of years gone by has gone a bit limp and greasy. (Having babies really does mess with your body, but it’s all worth it she says while pulling out another grey hair!)

I’ve never been good at styling my tresses. I’m very much a wash, blow dry upside down and go sort of woman and my hair has looked the same for years now…. fringe, long bob…predictable, safe and works for me WHEN it’s not looking all dull and yuck.

Anyway, I never knew how lifechanging a bottle of hair spray could be until I was recently gifted a bottle of OUAI Texturising Spray. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! OK it smells a bit like Pepto Bismal when first applied but you will not believe the difference that a few squirts will make to your hair if you suffer with the same post-baby limp variety that I do.

I’ve been doing it Meghan Merkle style by leaning over, spraying into my roots and fringe (actually make that my whole head…I tend to get a bit carried away) and then doing a rather violent flick back which is worth the slight dizziness. I let the spray settle and then give my hair a gentle brush. The result is really shiny, styled, volumised hair. I will never be without this product again!

Look Fantastic do a bottle for £22 here. Let me know how you get on.


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