Anti-Ageing And a new podcast

We’re in the process of recording the brand new Outspoken Beauty Podcast. I’m SO excited. We’ll be having some amazing and very revealing conversations with a range of women. Beauty will be our starting point and I hope that through the story of their relationship with it, we will get to know our guests on an intimate level.

I’m just sorting my anti-ageing episode where I’ll be slamming the idea that ageing is something that needs fighting. The prejudice ridden words “anti-ageing” have been used by the beauty industry for an eternity and it was only last year when Helen Mirren and Allure Magazine made a stand that people stood up and took notice. Pro-ageing is the new buzz word and yet this morningĀ  I saw another article hailing this month’s best budget anti-ageing products. (How dull and cliched!)

Look I’m almost 40 and having spent most of my life wishing I was older I refuse to spend the next however many decades wanting to turn back time. It’s bloody depressing. Am I scared of going grey and getting wrinkles? Yes I am a bit. Why? Because all my life it’s been drummed into me that young is beautiful. My boobs should be pert, my skin should be plump and luscious, my hair should shine like an over-polished mirror. It’s all so utterly exhausting.

So like a scientist who believes in God I have to marry up the fact that I love beauty products with an absolute hatred of the idea that women should be ashamed of their appearance as they age. How the hell can I justify smothering my face with age defying Retinol when I’m fighting in the name of wrinkles? This is something that I’ll explore in the podcast as it’s not easily answered.

Something I do know is that I’d like to channel my 86 year old Grandma. She’s more fashionable than me, does Zumba, line-dancing and French classes and totally rocks her choppy grey hair. And boy does she know how to apply makeup. If ever there was an example of a woman who puts a finger up at the anti-ageing brigade it’s her! I’ll definitely be getting her on the podcast and hope that she’ll show us that embracing the ageing process can be incredibly empowering.





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