Mascara Wardrobe

For me one mascara is not enough. Like my perfumes or knickers, I like to have a mascara to suit different my moods and the various aspects of my life.

Let’s start with Benefit They’re Real. For me this mascara is the period pant equivalent of my makeup bag. It’s a natural, non-budging friend of a mascara and what it lacks in sexiness it makes up for in reliability, coating every lash with precision. They’re Real accompanies me to the Supermarket with two tired children in tow, it makes me feel slightly more alive as I sweep up thrown peas off the kitchen floor. It’s my everyday, mummy, slightly better version of myself mascara.

Next on the list is Chanel Le Volume. This one is for when I want to feel chic and pretty. It’s my cashmere jumper, black jeans and Chelsea boots mascara. The one that I wear to family gatherings and on casual girly evenings out. The brush was developed exclusively for Chanel and rather than bristles has small discs that really work to lift the lashes. Le Volume is at its best when layered on and can take you from girl next door to glamour puss in minutes. A beautiful, clever mascara that will make you feel sexy and confident

The next mascara is my absolute favourite of all time. In this tube lies confidence, a feeling of empowerment and being able to take on whatever life throws at me. This mascara puts the middle finger up at fake eyelashes and extensions even though it is often mistaken for both. I’m talking about YSL The Shock Mascara. Buy some, layer it on as much as you dare and conquer the world!



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