Perfume Panic

Perfume Panic

When I’m feeling tired, grumpy or in need of a little boost, I often find myself gravitating towards Liberty of London. There’s something about that place that makes me smile and it’s not just the luxury products that adorn its beautiful shelves. No, Liberty is more than just a shop to me. It’s the place where my Mum and I herald the beginning of Christmas when we excitedly rush to the Christmas department each November and giggle at the kitsch decorations, imagining that we have the money to decorate our entire tree Liberty style. It’s where I go to sip on exotic teas with close friends. Liberty is also home to one of the most exciting perfume departments in London and I could happily spend hours sniffing their various fragrances which have been created by some of the biggest “noses” in the world.

Last Friday I raced to Liberty with a spring in my step and a pocket full of Christmas money. I was going to buy a new perfume and I wanted it to be a really great one. A new signature scent with the wow factor. The kind of scent that would make people stop me in the street and ask me what I was wearing (I’d naturally never tell them my secret and instead give them a mysterious smile and one final waft of scent as I swished off).

Anyway, the whole thing went utterly tits up. The initial excitement was soon replaced by a perfume headache, an overwhelmed nose and a body  spritzed with a faint inducing number of strong perfumes. I’m indecisive at the best of times but faced with a room full of awe inspiring perfumes and actual money to spend on one then any decision making skills I have go out of the window.

After smelling about thirty perfumes I managed to whittle down my list of favourites to the following:

Fredrick Malle Iris Poudre – overtly feminine but self assured.

Frederick Malle Portrait of a Lady – statement, all encompassing, not for the faint-hearted.

Radio Bombay by D.S and Durga – In love with the story this perfume tells….meant to smell like a handmade transistor radio sizzling in the Mumbai heat. My inner radio nerd was instantly attracted to this idea.

Juliette Has A Gun Moon Oil – classy, elegant, refined.

Anyway, I left Liberty nasally exhausted, smelling like a dog’s dinner and having had my moustache threaded for a tenner in the beauty hall.




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