A Tip For Very Dry Hands

If you love beauty then please promise me you’ll order Pretty Honest and Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes. She’s my favourite beauty journalist with a style of writing that ranges from poetic to funny to wonderfully honest. Most importantly, I trust her recommendations. This is a woman who knows her stuff!

For very dry hands (of the painful, cracked variety)  Sali recommends slathering them in Flexitol Heel Balm and then wearing a pair of cotton socks as gloves overnight. When you wake up the results should be miraculous.

My hands are currently as dry as a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I blame this on Winter, central heating and repeated washing with anti-bacterial soap thanks to the walking talking petri-dishes of germs that are my children. (Winter sickness bugs you are my biggest enemy!) Anyway, whilst buying some Dioralyte at the local chemist I treated myself to a tube of Flexitol which looks about as sexy as a pair of period pants but definitely means business. (If you hate feet then try and ignore the image of the dry and yellowing heel on the packaging).

A few nights ago I tried it with the socks which I flung off after about 20 minutes because they were restricting my fingers. I never knew how much I like to move my fingers around until I put socks on them. I then Amazon Primed a pair of silk gloves and happily wore them the following night.

The result? My hands aren’t cured but the dryness is markedly improved and they are no longer bleeding which is a big bonus.

Sali is my guest on The Outspoken Beauty Podcast today. We’re talking about perfume rather than cracked hands. Watch this space!


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