Smear Tests and Expensive Lube

I had a meeting the other day with a colleague who’s doing some work with the Eve Appeal. A visit to their website is quite the eye opener. Did you know there are five types of gynaecological cancers? I honestly had no idea. The charity funds research and awareness and if you head to this page you can find out about the symptoms of each cancer. I know that if you’re anything like me you’d rather not think about let alone read about such things but it’s 100% worth doing and storing away.

I know that this year one of the big aims of The Eve Appeal is to remind women to have their smear tests. According to the stats, we’re quite happy to have a Brazilian Wax each month and yet 1.2 million of us missed our smears last year. Many of us are embarrassed/ scared it will hurt/ that we will smell/ that the nurse will be shocked by our unkempt bikini lines. We need to forget all that. The nurse couldn’t care less. Smears take moments and save lives. Enough said!

Anyway, I’ve decided to dedicate a podcast to our vaginas. With most of what I talk about being face related, I think that vaginas deserve a bit of air time too. I’ll be talking about vaginal health, excess hair, vajacials and will definitely be dedicating a few minutes to quite the most ridiculous product I have ever been sent to review.

Miss Vivien The Beauty of Sex charge ridiculous amounts of money for a bottle of vanilla scented (yuck yuck yuck) lube, Cookies and Cream massage oil (hideous) and their After Party Restorative Gel (The only product that didn’t smell like an off cupcake). We’re talking an average of £60 per product. The whole thing is done rather tastefully. Each product is an Instagram pleasing Millenial Pink (yawn) and comes in a “discreet” black velvet pouch. I’m imaging that we’re meant to seductively pull our pouch out of our handbag/ suspenders and wink as we produce our sexy bottle of luxury lube. However, there is seriously nothing sexy about the smell of artificial cookies and cream providing the backdrop to your most intimate moments and don’t even get me started on the price.

Give me a simple bottle of K.Y any day. Cheap, cheerful, does the job and doesn’t smell like a bakery.

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