Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste

Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste

Another day another Instagram friendly, light pink tube of product. As with “food porn” (which makes me feel slightly queasy), I have a real problem with the term “Instagram friendly”. Does everything on Instagram need to be pink, fluffy and seemingly perfect to be deemed acceptable? The idea of going to a restaurant that serves beautiful looking but awful tasting food just to get the perfect Insta-shot makes me feel uneasy. Instagram is great if taken with a pinch of salt but too many of us believe that the image of perfection those photos often show is actually achievable. The pressure that this then exerts on our beautifully flawed, REAL lives can be overwhelming.

We need to remember that no-one in the world has perfect skin every day, a constantly shiny, tidy house and just because that bowl of mung bean courgetti covered in rare flowers looks amazing, the chances are that it will taste like the contents of a toilet.

Anyway, back to my newest pretty pink tube of face stuff. I was prepared to hate it and conclude that the beauty would be in the packaging and not the product but oh how wrong I was. You see while Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste looks all pretty and innocent on the outside, she’s one force to be reckoned with once you get to know her. Vitamin C is great for brightening and smoothing the skin and this mask delivers those results pretty much instantly. Just apply a pea sized amount to your face in the morning, massage with damp finger tips, leave for a couple of minutes and hey presto, soft, lovely skin.

Think of Lixirskin as the skincare equivalent of a beautiful model with brains and feist….a tube of Lily Cole if you will.





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