Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil – fake tan that’s good for you

If you read this post you’ll know that since having my second child I have suffered from horrendous PMT. This is something that I never used to get. In fact, if friends and relatives ever blamed their moods on PMT I would always be just a little bit sceptical. It’s just not something that I could relate to.

But now, NOW I well and truly get it. For three weeks of every month I’m all sweetness and light (well I like to think I am anyway) and then in the week leading to my period I become a hideous human being. Grumpy, depressed, impatient and a veritable she-devil to my poor husband. It’s almost comical how extreme the change is as soon as my period actually starts. I’m suddenly back to being a normal human being rather than what can only be described as a total nightmare.

Starflower oil is helping but a miracle cure it ain’t. How many other women are wasting a week of their lives every month feeling this shit? This is something that I’ll definitely be chatting about in the podcast.

Anyway, today is a great one because the PMT has gone and all is good with the world again. To suit my sunny disposition, I’ve been using Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil so that I look like I’ve actually been in the sun rather than hibernating for the last however many months.

It’s amazing how a bit of good fake tan can lift your appearance, mood and in my case give you more confidence to go makeup free. What I love about this oil is that it gives a really natural glow whilst doing your skin some good too. It includes a long list of lovely essential oils, contains Vitamin B5 and doesn’t smell. Massage 6-10 ( I go for 9) drops into your skin before bed and you’ll wake up looking like you’ve spent a few days in the sun. Great stuff and there’s 25% off at feelunique.


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