Podcast Episode #4: Wellness and Inner Beauty With Elle Macpherson

In this episode we chat to entrepreneur, supermodel, wellness guru and all round super woman, Elle “The Body” Macpherson.

Elle tells us about her company Welleco and the story behind her Super Elixir powder which she feels has really changed her health. She talks about how making small changes to your lifestyle can have a huge effect on how you look and feel. She also shares some of her biggest health and beauty secrets, and gives us a bit of an insight into her everyday life.

Rachel and Nicola challenge themselves to “live the life of Elle” for a week and Nicola gives her top beauty recommendation for products that will make you look healthy even if you don’t feel it.

If you’d like to try The Super Elixir which Elle talks about during the episode you can find out all about it (and buy it) here. It’s also available at Cult Beauty here

The wonderful Alpha H Liquid Gold is £33.50 here

And Nicola’s favourite cheek glow drops can be found here

Hope you enjoy getting to know Elle. In next week’s episode we have the brilliant Anna from The Anna Edit .

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