Podcast Episode #9 : Ageing with Caroline Neville and Dr Maryam Zamani

In this episode we talk about beauty and ageing. Even though things are changing, many women over the age of 65 find themselves feeling invisible and redundant and the beauty industry has been known to exacerbate the problem by consistently using  young models, the wrong vocabulary (anti-ageing is a pet hate!) and products that don’t work effectively on post-menopausal skin.

One of the UK’s most influential women in beauty is this week’s guest. CEO of the CEW, Caroline Neville has been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade and at the age of 75 opens up about what beauty means to her and how the industry should be celebrating the older woman.

This episode’s challenge sees us meeting the woman all the celebrities go to for their Botox fix, Dr Maryam Zamani. She tells us about the process and Rachel tries it to see what all the fuss is about.

Finally, Nicola talks about one of the most pro-ageing brands in the UK and how they’re changing our perception of life after 65 and recommends a confidence boosting product for your legs.

Products mentioned in the episode:

Look Fabulous Forever:

Primer £22 here

Living The Life More Fabulous £12 here

Vita Liberata Body Blur: On special offer here

If I was going to get Botox (which I’m still very unsure about) I would 100% trust Dr Maryam to do a good job. Her website is here. Also check out her skincare line while you’re there…it’s very good (Serena Williams is a huge fan).

To find out about the amazing work that the CEW do, take a look at their website here

In next week’s episode we’re talking to Pixiwoo about Social Media. So excited!

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