S2 Episode 2: Esther Coren-Britney Spears, big spots and feminist husbands

Esther Coren is a journalist, mini media mogul and wife to Giles Coren. She’s also hilarious.

In this episode Esther bares all as she tells us the story of her life in beauty. Get ready for a journey starting in the 90’s when everyone wanted to look like Britney to meeting Giles (who thoroughly embraced her acne) and facing wobbly necks and wrinkles as she approaches 40. You’re going to love it.

Later in the episode I talk to our resident Cosmetic Scientist Lorna Radford who helps to demystify Glycolic Acid. We have a good old natter about Alpha H Liquid Gold (one of my favourite Glycolics) and compare it to a more affordable alternative.

I’ve also got some fantastic reviews in store for you.

Products mentioned in the episode:

Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser: £71 here

Glossier Lidstar: here

Alpha H Liquid Gold: £33.50 here

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution: £6.80 here

Find Esther’s brilliant website here.

In next week’s episode I have a slightly raucous, chaotic and very fun #Back-Chat Beauty/Outspoken Beauty Special with Elle Magazine’s Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner and  her partner in crime, the brilliant Lisa Potter Dixon.


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