S2 Episode #3 Meg Matthews: From Party Animal to Menopause Warrior

S2 Episode #3 Meg Matthews: From Party Animal to Menopause Warrior

When you hear the name Meg Matthews you often think of her marriage to Noel Gallagher, the Primrose Hill Set and her life as the ultimate party animal.

Well in recent years things have changed. Meg was hit by the menopause in such a dramatic way that she didn’t leave the house for three months. Her symptoms were overpowering and confusing and her GP didn’t offer her the guidance that she needed.

Now Meg is on a mission to tell her story, help educate other women and make the menopause manageable. In this episode she shares her story honestly and openly. A must listen for women of all ages.

I ask in-house cosmetic scientist Lorna Radford the questions that you’ve been posting on Instagram and she gives some great insight into how to know whether your skincare/makeup really is protecting you from both UVA and UVB.

Finally, I have some fantastic recommendations including a primer and a MAC blusher that will light up your face like a Christmas Tree (in a really good way!)

Product links:

MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Cheeky Bits – £19.55 here

Look Fabulous Forever Smooth Like Silk Face Primer – £22 here

Alpha H Vit E Serum – £42 here

For an incredibly supportive and honest guide to the menopause and to learn more about Meg’s journey check out her website megsmenopause.com

Next week I talk to the Queen of Beauty and QVC, the one and only Alison Young.

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