Lily Pebbles: Big Changes On The Way

Lily Pebbles is back on Outspoken Beauty and this time it’s personal. In this episode she has a wonderfully honest and revealing chat about the ups and downs of her pregnancy, how she feels about becoming a Mum and how having a baby might change her career and life forever.

We also talk about the changes in her body and the beauty products that she swears by at the moment. Lily is suffering from eczema around her eye and has some great tips and her other body and face recommendations are great whether you’re pregnant or not.

Later in the episode I talk through my recent experience of acupuncture with the amazing Phoebus Tian who has recently started working on the wellness programme at Gazelli House. I also update you on how I’m doing with Jodie Kidd’s Balance Your Life Plan and I recommend the most beautiful base that makes your skin look natural but glowy, dewy and blurs out imperfections.

You can download this episode via your favourite podcast platform. For all the latest follow us on Instagram @OutspokenBeautyPodcast

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