Vick Hope: The Power of Going Makeup Free

Vick Hope: The Power of Going Makeup Free

Vick Hope is an intelligent and empowering  woman with a lot of opinions (the perfect guest for Outspoken Beauty!). She’s best known for co-hosting the Capital Breakfast Show and being a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing although she has a lot more strings to her bow including being able to speak numerous languages and a career as a journalist in Argentina.

In this episode Vic talks to me about how going makeup free can show that you mean business in a man’s world. She also discusses burn-out and how to listen to your body and take action, getting up in the early hours and the fetishisation of hair. Vick also has some great beauty recommendations. 

This is an episode that will leave you energised and ready for action!

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Wednesday’s Ultimate Guide to Makeup with Cher Webb is all about night time routines for face, mind and body xx

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