Nicola Elliot Moss: Wellbeing Without the Bull


Nicola Elliot Moss founded Neom whilst dealing with pregnancy and small children. It is now a hugely successful and celebrated brand whose products grace the shelves of many a home across the UK and beyond.

Nicola sometimes surprises people by being anything but the cliche of the meditative, zen woman that people expect her to be. (Aren’t all people who work with aromatherapy like that??!!) Instead, she is an outspoken, sweary, brutally honest type of woman who you want to go and have a glass of wine with the minute you meet her.

In this episode of Outspoken Beauty, Nicola chats to me about everything from the challenges of launching and maintaining a successful business with small kids to suffering with anxiety, to challenging perceptions, to wellbeing without the bull and of course her swearing habit. 

It’s a must listen episode with one of the most successful beauty entrepreneurs in the UK.

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