Jo Elvin: The Very Nice Lady

Jo Elvin: The Very Nice Lady


Jo Elvin has been on my top list of podcast guests for a long while and I finally got her into the studoio. Yay!

In this episode we have one of my best sorts of chats where the conversation darts about and you never know where you’re going to emd up next. We chatted abouth everything from dogs to clothes our husbands hate to how far we can trust beauty influencerss versus journalists. Jo chatted about a life editing some of our most iconic magazines and what she feels women really want. She also gives a very honest account about how she sees herslef when she looks in the mirror.

Jo is intelligent, naturally quick and has the irreverent style of humour that I love so much. 

Later on I talk about my favourite body butter of all time and recommend a hair salon where you’re guarenteed a great cut and good chat!

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Product list:

Neom Body Butter: Buy here for £36

Windle and Moodie hair salon: ask for Alex or Valentina

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