The Inkey List: Demystifying Skincare with Mark and Colette

The Inkey List: Demystifying Skincare with Mark and Colette

There are so many skincare products out there that sometimes it gets totally overwhelming and we have no idea what we should be putting on our faces and when. In this no nonsense episode Mark and Collette who are the founders of the Inkey List, sit down with me and chat through the ingredients that we should be using, where to put them in our routines and the things that you should never mix.

They also talk through some of their top ingredients and give us an insight into why they launched the brand and how it’s growing at a huge rate.

Later on I give you some gossip from the CEW Awards (The Oscars of the beauty industry) and tell you about a great shampoo and conditioner for body and bounce and a fake tan oil that is beautifully non-streaky.

On Monday I have a very special giveaway happening on my Instagram account @outspokenbeautynicola where you could be winning a bag containing all the winning beauty products from the CEW Awards worth £1000.

Also if you haven’t booked tickets for our big live event with Cher Webb and Dr Sam Bunting happening on 16th May, here’s the link :0)

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