BONUS EPISODE Maleka Dattu : The Right Routine

BONUS EPISODE Maleka Dattu : The Right Routine

This episode was created in partnership with Merumaya

 In this episode I’m joined by force of nature Maleka Dattu who is the founder of  skincare brand Merumaya. 

When Maleka  founded Merumaya she wanted to come up with a line of products that would out perform many on the market but that would always be affordable. She put her heart and soul into creating a line of very special products and many hours were spent accompanied by a group of the UK’s most talented cosmetic scientists coming up with exciting  and effective formulas.

Maleka is passionate about cutting through the BS and never tricking her customers with clever marketing speak  or promises she can’t keep. She believes in real women feeling confident and empowered. She never pays influencers for reviews and her integrity is incredibly important to her. (Caroline Hirons is a fan too)

In this special bonus episode she shares some of her skincare knowledge with me and also talks us through some of the excellent products in her range.

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