Paula Begoun: The Cosmetics Cop

Paula Begoun: The Cosmetics Cop

Get ready to meet a woman who is going to shake up your routine and your views on beauty.

Paula Begoun is probably one of the most knowledgable, outspoken and honest people in the beauty industry (they don’t call her the cosmetics cop for nothing). She has published multiple books on the subject of cosmetics and skincare, been on The Oprah Show (amongst many others) and has her own high performing skincare line called “Paula’s Choice”. Basically if there’s anything that this woman doesn’t know about skincare then it isn’t worth knowing.

I loved getting to know this amazing woman and her feisty views. If there was ever a person who summed up the spirit of Outspoken Beauty it is Paula!

Later in the episode I revisit a phenomenal day cream/makeup base and wax lyrical about my new favourite bronzer.

Any questions for me or Paula give me a DM @OutspokenBeautyNicola


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