Nadine Baggott: Beauty Without the BS

She’s been in the beauty industry for 25 years and her straight talking, no nonsense approach has won her hundreds of thousands of die-hard fans.

Nadine Baggott is a woman who seriously knows her beauty stuff and in this episode she joins me for an honest and outspoken chat about the ingredients that really work, products we can trust and also advice on how to sort the facts from the fiction about subjects such as the safety of parabens.

Nadine isn’t afraid to speak her mind and I love her for it. If you’re into your beauty, you’ll find this chat refreshing and informative.

Later in the episode I chat about a recent spa visit that was truly spectacular as well as talking through some great mascaras. I also talk about a failed hypnotism session!!

Hope you love listening to this as much as I enjoyed doing the interview. Join me again on Wednesday for The Ultimate Guide to Makeup With Cher Webb xx

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