Skincare 101: Dermalogica X Outspoken Beauty

Skincare 101: Dermalogica X Outspoken Beauty

In this special episode in partnership with Dermalogica I’m joined by the amazing Sally and Candice who are charged with the education of Dermalogica’s 6000 or more skin therapists.

I was totally bowled over by the huge breadth of knowledge that these women have about skin, skincare and ingredients and I found their advice empowering and incredibly educational. If you want to learn what really works for YOUR skin and are after solid, down to earth advice then this is the episode for you.

Candice and Sally also answer all the questions that you asked me via Instagram.

Think of this as a hands on skincare session which will leave you feeling brimming with knowledge.

Later on I review two of my absolute favourite hair products.

I hope you love the episode. Cher and I are back on Wednesday. Have a fab week xx

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