Ruth Crilly: She Knows What To Recommend

Ruth Crilly: She Knows What To Recommend

I started reading Ruth’s amazing blog “A Model Recommends” years ago and I’ve always loved her irreverent sense of humour, incredible writing style and the fact that her recommendations are always thoroughly tested and usually spot on! I was so excited to get her on the podcast and she was everything I hoped for and more.

Ruth instantly had me in peals of laughter and during the episode we chat about all sorts of things from careers to juggling motherhood and work to beauty products we love to what we should be washing our vulvas with.

If you love Ruth already you’ll love her even more after this and if you’ve never come across her then I’m almost certain you’ll be a fan after getting to know her on the podcast.

Enjoy the episode and make sure you join me and Cher on Wednesday xx

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