Trinny Woodall and Shabir Daya: Supplements

Trinny Woodall and Shabir Daya: Supplements

This episode is a slight departure from my usual in that it’s not directly beauty related but focuses more on wellbeing.

I’ve always been fascinated/confused/cynical/excited by the idea that supplements can really turn our health around. Do they actually work? Why are the good ones so expensive? What should we be taking?

To answer my many questions I invited the amazing Shabir Daya onto the podcast. He is the in-house pharmacist at Victoria Health and a total fountain of knowledge on the subject.

Trinny is a huge advocate of supplements (she takes up to 15 a day) and really feels that they have turned a variety of her health issues around.

Trinny and Shabir argue their case for why we could all benefit from taking supplements and which ones are right for us.

Later on I chat about retinol and I also make a big announcement about The Outspoken Beauty Road Show…coming soon xx

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