Our Skincare Edit: Outspoken Beauty X Fenwick

Our Skincare Edit: Outspoken Beauty X Fenwick

In this special episode in partnership with Fenwick, Cher and I take you on another virtual shopping trip. This time we’re choosing some of our favourite skincare products and talking through why we love them so much and how we recommend using them. Expect products of all different price points which we love and trust.

We also chat about my birthday and the unexpected surprise my husband got me (not a dog unfortunately but something that I’ve been wanting for sooooo long).

If you’re reading this on 9th October, Cher and I will be live at Fenwick Bond Street from 6pm tonight. Tickets are £10 (prosecco and a goodie bag included) and are available here: (we’ll also be in Kingston on 10th and there are more events happening next week)


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