anti anti-ageing elderly woman

Nicola is campaigning to change the beauty industry’s view of ageing, one word at a time. 

The words anti-ageing force us to believe that ageing is negative and something to be dreaded. They also exacerbate society’s inbuilt ageism, making women in particular feel that by looking old we are somehow redundant and should hide away in shame.

Ageing is a privilege and not something to be dreaded. As consumers we deserve to own beauty products that empower us rather than make us feel less than we are.



If you are a brand and you want to change the language that you use then please get in touch. 

It can be hard to take the leap but there are  effective (and searchable) alternatives to the words anti-ageing. Healthy ageing is a very good place to start.

Consumers can also make a stand by contacting brands and making your thoughts heard on social media. 

Some people and brands who are having this conversation and who you might like to connect with are Willowberry SkinMerumaya and Attracta Beauty.