Nicola loves celebrating and giving a platform to brilliant independent brands that don’t always have big marketing budgets but have a great story to tell. Through her research and collaboration with Curate Beauty Nicola has discovered some of the most exciting independent brands around. These are a few of her favourites.

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Booming Bob

Booming Bob is an oil-based skincare range and their products are completely waterless. They use incredible natural oils and all of their ingredients are listed on the front of their bottles and are selected for their minimal impact on the environment and efficacity.

This brand went down an absolute treat with the entire Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel and I thoroughly recommend their face and body oils.


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La Montana Candles

La Montana Candles is an incredible brand created by husband and wife Cass and Jonathan Hall.

They wanted to capture the various fragrances of Spain and they have definitely achieved it in a big way.

These scents are like nothing I’ve ever come across, each reflecting a different aspect of Spain.

First Light is out of this world and recreates the scent of the Spanish mountains as the day is dawning. I also highly recommend Alfredo’s Cafe which totally captures the mood of a Spanish cafe.

Organic Savannah

I fell in love with this brand when I interviewed their founder on the podcast.

Organic Savanna is a social enterprise based in Thika, Kenya that produces handmade, all natural skincare products.

All profits from the sale of their products go towards the local community and  educational programmes for vulnerable children at the Karibu Centre, a holistic community project in Kenya.

Not only are these products beautiful but they do good and empower people. 

I particularly love their Shea and Macademia Lotion.

LA Pacific Toothpaste

LA Pacific toothpaste is a wonderful brand  and a firm favourite with the Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel. The brand is founded by the brilliant Hannah Moore.

Hannah has worked so hard to make a toothpaste that whitens the teeth in a really safe and healthy way (ie no sensitivity), with the use of enzymes. 

The toothpastes in the range taste great and give your teeth what a glistening glow after  just 60 seconds. 

Always dry brush when using LA Pacific as it makes the toothpastes even more effective.

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I’m a huge fan of Nursem hand creams. They have been my absolute go to throughout the pandemic, keeping my hands hydrated and comfortable.  They contain so many great ingredients including manuka honey, glycerin and allantoin and sink in really quickly.

I also adore the fact that the brand was founded by a nurse who wanted to come up with a solution for the dryness from constant hand-washing in the medical profession.

For every handcream sold they give a month’s supply to a nurse or midwife.