Outspoken Beauty Podcast, #TheOutspoken and The Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel

Voted one of the Top 10 Podcasts of the year by Harpers Bazaar, in the top lockdown podcasts by Glamour and as one to listen to by Vogue Italy, Stylist, Superdrug, Byrdie and many more,  Outspoken Beauty is the UK’s most honest, straight talking beauty and wellbeing podcast featuring interviews with an array of celebrities, experts and influencers in the beauty/wellbeing industry. Hosted by beauty expert, columnist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn. With guests including Mel B, Bobbi Brown, Alex Steinherr, Dr Sam Bunting, Val Garland and Trish McEvoy, this podcast is for you if you love honest, informative and inspiring conversations around beauty, wellbeing and so much more.


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The Outspoken Podcast

Come and be a part of the UK’s only listener led podcast and  have your voice heard!


The Outspoken is something that I have wanted to do for so long but Black Lives Matter and Covid spurred me on to make it happen a lot sooner. So many of you have important things to say and statements to make but don’t have a large platform to make them from, so I have decided to share the Outspoken Beauty platform with you so that you have a place to do that.

My new podcast series #TheOutspoken  comes out every other Monday and is a place that features your voice, your opinions and your thoughts. You’re in charge of the conversations!

There are three ways that I want to do that:

1. I will interview you/ read your emails about issues that affect you and where you perhaps see a need for change or increased awareness especially in the beauty/wellbeing industry. This can be about ANYTHING but examples include sexism, mental health, racism, body negativity, ageism….you name it…… I want you to feel able to share the issues that affect you in a safe space so we can make change and be Outspoken together. 

2. I want to get your beauty and wellbeing questions answered and help demystify products and brands for you. If I can’t answer them myself I will find an expert who can.

3. I would like to showcase and connect beauty and wellbeing entrepreneurs who have amazing brands but no platform to market them. 

The overall aim is to create a community of Outspoken changemakers who know that they have a place to come where they can express themselves and get their voices heard.

You can get involved in the following ways

1. tag me in an instagram post and add #theoutspoken

2. Send me a private DM on instagram and I’ll connect with you and get things moving 

3. Join our private Facebook Community The Outspoken

4. Email me at nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk

 This is your community and I know we can build it into something incredible together.


The Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel


I am a 39 year old white woman with pretty predictable skin. I can test products and tell you what I think of them but I realise that what I say may not apply directly to your needs.

So…..I’ve also decided to launch The Outspoken Beauty Trialling Panel. By joining the panel you get the chance to test products and tell the Outspoken Beauty Community what you think of them both on our Instagram Page and on the podcast. I want the panel to be as diverse as possible with women and men of all ages, ethnicities and skin types so that the reviews are totally rounded and inclusive.

If you’d like to test products for the panel please email me nicola@outspokenbeauty.co.uk and I’ll send you a form :0)